DLG Food Industry Conference & Exhibition

Think Food. Think Digital.

The LZSiS at the DLG Food Industry Conference

Consumers have high expectations of the food industry. Food should taste good, be of high quality, have a long shelf life, contain no allergens or harmful substances and be as inexpensive as possible. Digital transformation offers food producers attractive ways of using innovative data management, smart technologies and flexible manufacturing processes to respond to those requirements and rethink processes in the food supply chain.
The new event »DLG-Food Industry: Conference & Exhibition« covers current topics as well as conceptual, procedural and organizational challenges of the digital future. The accompanying exhibition presents digital products and services. The High Performance Center »Secure Intelligent Systems» will be represented at the event with a presentation on sensor technology as a driver for new approaches by Dr. Sabine Trupp.

DLG-Food Industry Conference & Exhibition on 3rd & 4th Dezember 2019 | Berlin, Forum Adlershof