High Performance Center »Secure Intelligent Systems« (LZSiS)

Safe and secure from sensor to cloud with the LZSiS

The High Performance Center »Secure Intelligent Systems« is an initiative of the Fraunhofer Institutes AISEC, EMFT, IBP, IGCV, IKS and IVV from Munich metropolitan region with the Technical University of Munich, the Universität der Bundeswehr München and the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

The interdisciplinary competences and the versatile know-how of the institutions are bundled in the LZSiS and made accessible for companies. The LZSiS accompanies transformation processes in all phases, from the initial idea to a solution concept and the implementation of digital process chains or new business models. Special emphasis is placed on the overall safety of the intelligent system solutions: Safe and secure from sensor to cloud. This enables our customers and partners to safely exploit the potential of digitalization.

The aim of the LZSiS's partners is to offer their customers comprehensive and at the same time user-friendly solutions in the field of cybersecurity. In view of the rapid technological development, companies are forced to open up to the fields of digitalization, Industry 4.0 and IoT in order to keep up with international competition. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular often do not have the capacity to handle this complex matter on their own. The LZSiS offers professional support based to the enormous breadth of its expertise and the capability to respond to the individual needs of its customers. This is particularly attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises in the region, thereby strengthening Bavaria as an industrial base.

The LZSiS is also engaged in important activities at national and international level. Application projects cover areas such as industry and automation as well as the automotive sector in which German companies are global leaders. As an application-oriented and interdisciplinary platform, the LZSiS systematically brings together research and industry partners across sectors and topics. The offer ranges from innovative, intelligent sensor systems to a company-wide cybersecurity concept, customer-specific workshops or advanced training. The LZSiS provides a unique research infrastructure (e.g. cybersecurity laboratory, clean room environment) for project partners. In combination with excellent industry knowledge in the application fields of food and packaging, construction, foundry, composite and processing technologies, LZSiS is a strong partner for digital transformation.


The competence portfolio of the LZSiS covers

  • Conception, development and assembly of networked sensor nodes for data logging to serve customer-specific applications
  • Networking of embedded systems such as sensor nodes and control units by means of wireless and wired communication systems
  • Establishment of secure cloud-based data and control solutions
  • Conception and establishment of real-time communication systems in an industrial setting
  • Concept, evaluation and validation of new communication architectures and technologies for the real-time-capable, reliable and secure vehicle environment networking
  • Testing conformity, performance and security in test environments and customer scenarios


Supported by



Food Security


Success Story: Hitachi and Fraunhofer IKS developed a resilient architecture for cloud-based control systems


ROADAR: safe autonomous driving in any weather conditions


Success Story: Continental and Fraunhofer IKS make autonomous vehicles safer

Benefit from the bundled competence in the LZSiS

Fraunhofer AISEC

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security

Fraunhofer EMFT

Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Microsystems and Solid State Technologies

Fraunhofer IKS

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Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics

Fraunhofer IGCV

Fraunhofer Institute for Casting, Composite and Processing Technology

Fraunhofer IVV

Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging

Technical University of Munich

Universität der Bundeswehr München

Munich University of Applied Sciences

Comprehensive system security

The 360-degree protection of intelligent systems is our core business. 

Innovative system solutions

Together with you we develop company specific system solutions.

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